Morning Prayer for April 12

Blessed Father, King of all things, this morning I come to you with a grateful heart because you give me so much because you bless me greatly and allow me to wake up with my family and have the joy of living another day by their side.

Thank you, my Lord, because in this new dawn I can count on all your blessings, those that I never lack. I am grateful for your generosity, for your goodness, for your mercy, for having loved me completely, with each one of my defects. You, Father of Mercy, are a patient God, and you understand me.

My God, you have not forsaken me all night long. I have been able to rest easy knowing that I am under your care. You have given me your warmth and the serenity of your love. Thank you for having covered me with your blessed blood, that which you shed for each one of us.

Last night my body felt tired, exhausted, and afflicted, but today, thanks to you, King of goodness, I have risen from bed full of vigor, full of energy, and happy to be able to have a healthy body to enjoy every minute of this day.

I have full trust in you, my Holy Father, for there is nothing in this world that escapes from your hands. I know that you have a plan for everything and that every moment in my life is perfectly aligned to a goal that you have to accomplish. Use me in the best way possible as your good servant, God of love.

I want this day if you allow me, Father, to be able to do good to others, to be of service to those who need it, to offer my love and affection to my loved ones, to share my smile with a stranger, to extend a hand to the helpless, and to share my knowledge with those who need it most.

I ask you, Beloved Lord, that on this new day, my heart be a new heart, humble, where your love reigns. Lord, I want my heart to be your home and I want to keep it clean of all evil so that it may be a dwelling worthy of you.

Every day I ask for your protection, for this world has become a dangerous place, where life is taken from us as if it were a game. Protect me, and take care of those around me, so that we can return to our homes healthy and safe today. May we not forget to live sensibly and prudently, and may we decide wisely in every situation.

On this new day that begins, Lord, may you bless me to be able to do well the things that I am about to do. Help me, Holy Father, keep me by your hand, on the path to your presence. Do not let me turn away from you today. May your will be done in my life, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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