Morning Prayer for December 4

Beautiful God the Father, thank you that I could wake up one more day and enjoy your beautiful creation. This morning, I want Your name to be the first thing that appears in my mind and the last thing that I say when I go to bed. Thank you for lighting my morning with your bright sun, and now I start the day in the best possible way.

Thank you, blessed Lord, because I have the certainty and joy that your sublime presence will stay with me for the rest of the day. Donate the confidence and security that, from your hand.  Everything I have planned will be done step by step.

Heavenly Father, I thank you because my body has recovered its energy for the rest you gave me last night. Thank you that my mind is clear and ready to start a new morning. Please, help me make the best decisions that can be in favor of what I want to achieve. Agree to me the job prosperity that I hope so much and give me abundance in my economy to have many things to share.

Dear God, don’t let material things make my mind wander and start believing in a life without your presence. Grant me what is necessary and know that everything that comes from You is by your will and for your glory. Almighty Lord, give me the courage and steadfastness to face all the obstacles this day brings me.

This morning, my Lord, I want to ask You to take care of my life, to take care of the people who are important to me and who make my life so much better. I ask you for my family, for their activities and work so that you protect them and grant them well-being for the rest of the day. Do not abandon them and pay attention to what they may request of you.

Help them to know more about You, my Lord, so that they have you as their main option in their search for their happiness. Thank you precious God, because this morning I can feel how great your love is for me. 

I can experience that your goodness does not limit me and that your blessed hand will always be ready to grant me days of triumph, moments of victory and much happiness. Walk by my side, my God, and may I never lack your love in my life.

I want to start this day with great enthusiasm, with a lot of desire to achieve productive things, that is why I raise my prayer to stay close to You. Because close to You, I can achieve everything. God of mercy, I ask you not to take into account the mistakes and mistakes that I may make, because I know that you know the weaknesses in my life.

Have patience and compassion on me, guide my path, and guide my steps. Grant me wisdom, prudence, and the intention to live this day properly. Give me a new and revitalized heart, a noble soul that tries to serve others, and that my actions reflect the love you have for the world. Let my actions be an offering that pleases you, my good God.

Dear Lord, always enlighten my life, and may this day be very profitable for me. All this I ask in the powerful name of your Son, Christ Jesus, the only way and the only truth for our salvation, Amen.

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