Morning Prayer for April 13

Father of all, today I have awakened again in the fullness of my faculties, my life, and my health thanks to your indulgence, and I will continue on my way thanks to your wisdom that comes down from heaven and becomes the air I breathe.

Your majesty and your goodness continue to teach me to exist and continue to grow day after day in this world full of perversity for those who have not yet known nor felt your joy and for whom I pray you to show them the right path to come to you and know the spiritual glory that only you, great Father, can give.

Blessed Father, I renew my gratitude to you, begging you for the health of my family by placing their lives in your hands so that they may obtain the joy of our Heavenly Father and may reach the daily fullness of their faculties under the sacred doctrine of which you are the great Teacher.

Today, I will be willing to face the challenges you place in front of me to become a better man, full of wisdom and joy, bringing me closer to you and, by extension, to my family and loved ones. Allow me to share your word with those who need it most. Help me to guide them to your path, Almighty Lord.

I want to thank you, Blessed Father, because your sacred blood comes down and covers us completely every day because you take care of us. After all, you keep us away from evil, because you keep us away from the evil one and his worldly temptations.

May this morning be synonymous with new beginnings. May your grace fall upon us. May you give us your love, your purity, and your sacred wisdom, so that we may become righteous men, good men, men of your pleasure, my Divine Lord.

I ask you, with humility of heart, that this day you help me to find the peace that I long for. Help me, my Lord, to be a worthy servant of you. Those emotions do not take over my mind or imprison my true feelings. I ask you, Holy Father, that this day your blessing falls on me and on those who are going through situations of great pain and sadness.

Please, Lord, may this day be filled with good moments, and may I have enough strength to overcome the obstacles that life throws in my path. Help me, Blessed Father, to be better than I was yesterday; may I be able to improve, and may I give my best to help my family and those around me.

In this new dawn, may my brothers around the world enjoy good judgment and be able to offer their hand to others. Do not allow selfishness to take over our communities, Lord. Bless those who have to leave their family to get the sustenance of home. Bless the brave who leave everything to start from scratch in another place. Bless us all, my Lord. in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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