Morning Prayer for April 14

Wonderful God, today I kneel before your presence to thank you for the beautiful blessing it is to wake up wrapped in your love. Thank you for allowing me to open my eyes and see the wonders you have placed in my day to capture my attention and tell me that you love me. I now prepare to have a day guided by your hand, and may it be of much benefit and favor to me.

So grateful I feel, Father of goodness, that you allow me to have the joy of sharing the table once again with my family, that food is not lacking, and that the protection of this house keeps us safe from the dangers of the street. Thank you, my Holy Father, for your infinite care.

Thank you, my Lord, because I woke up enjoying good health because you did not forsake us and because you watched over my sleep attentively. Help us to keep our faith always burning so that nothing and no one can separate us from the marvelousness of your love.

Eternal Father Thank you; my mind is free of worry, and my heart is completely trusting in you. Thank you because you are always ready to come to my aid when difficult situations come into my life.

Thank you, eternal Father, for having empowered the minds of my brothers who have created numerous tools that allow us to be in contact with our loved ones who are far away from us. Thank you because you make the distance nothing compared to your immense love.

In my prayer, I recognize that you are my only Lord and Savior. You make my mind and heart one with you, because you allow me to know more about you and because in my prayer I recognize that you are my only Lord and Savior. Give me the strength to be able to overcome every adversity that is put in front of me and give me the courage to take actions that can give me a good solution.

Help me to be like you, my Lord. I want to be good and just, so that this morning I may find a way to help others, and that my heart may be noble and humble. May my only desire be to be able to help and serve others. Teach me to live by following in your footsteps and always seeking you from the first rays of the sun.

I pray to my God that I may be able to forgive others, that my offenses may be forgiven, and that I may demonstrate through my actions all the love I have for you, my Lord.

Stay by my side today, hold my hand tightly so that I don’t let go, so that I can be guided by Your Holy Spirit and nothing in this world can keep me from Your presence. Give me the wisdom to realize my actions, to know what is right and what is wrong, so that I may not fall into the deceptions of the enemy. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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