Morning Prayer for April 16

Blessed Father of mercy, I thank you for the opportunity to enjoy this new day. Thank you for always trusting me, for showing me your love daily, and for your infinite mercy. This morning I can wake up full of happiness because from very early you manifest your love for me because from very early you make my life take on a different meaning.

I thank you, Lord, because you give me the strength to go ahead and work so that I can enjoy food every day and support the affairs of my home. Thank you, beloved Father, because you allow me to develop my skills while helping others.

Thank you because you have chosen me among many people to bring that message of love to those who need it. This day I want to be useful for your work, so I will give all of myself to please you and serve you, my good Lord.

I thank you infinitely, my Father because I have had the fortune to enjoy a warm and safe night under your hand. You have given me the grace to spend the night under your protection. I am so grateful to you, Lord, because you keep your promises and because you are faithful to me.

Blessed Father, I am grateful to you and your mercy, because you do not let go of my hand at any moment, like that child entering a classroom for the first time, clinging to his father’s hand, trembling and not knowing everything, but the father is wise and knows what is best for his child, and you, my Lord, know what my heart needs and you give me the means to achieve everything. It only takes my effort and perseverance.

I ask you, merciful Lord, that this morning you may take care of my family, that you may keep them away from any danger and from any trap that the enemy may want to set for them to fall. I ask you, my Lord, for each one of the members of my family. Give them your security, Father.

I would like you to find in me, Lord, an instrument to help in your work. May my voice serve as a conduit for your messages, and may my body serve as a vehicle for bringing peace to those who have lost it.

Eternal Father, I want to ask you for the sick. For those of my brothers and sisters who are battling some illness, physical or mental, give them hope, my Lord. May they not lose their calm, may their faith not disappear. May they take refuge in your love and may you be the comfort they are looking for to face this difficult battle.

Bless me, Father, and give me your eternal love; do not abandon me, and do not let go of my hand on this difficult road to happiness. Give me the ability to learn from my mistakes and to forgive those who tried to hurt us. May this day be filled with many illusions and goals to achieve. Walk by my side forever, Lord, and may your will be done over my life in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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