Morning Prayer for April 17

Father in heaven. I greet you this morning with all the love in my heart, thanking you once again for having given me the gift of life, for giving me the gift of being able to open my eyes wide and enjoy your creations, your wonders.

Thank you, beloved Father, because you were my refuge all night long, because nothing disturbed my sleep, because no evil could harm me. Thank you for your promises and, above all, thank you for fulfilling them. Holy Father, you are a just and faithful God. I am about to start the day in the best way possible, imploring you to be by my side in all my moments, because I need you at every moment, my good Lord.

My beautiful Father, I want to thank you for the goods that you have allowed me to obtain up to this day; thank you for each piece of bread that I have taken to my mouth because food is never in short supply in my home; thank you, merciful Father, for the clothes that cover my body, for the vehicles that transport me; thank you, my Lord.

Every day, you shower me with blessings and allow me to be happy with those I care about the most; thank you, my Lord, for blessing me with a family who wakes up with me this morning because I love them and they love me; thank you, my God. Thank you because my happiness depends on them. Thank you because you keep us together and help us at all times to overcome the adversities that may fall in our way.

I want to thank you, blessed God, for allowing me to start again because this new day means endless possibilities. After all, the impossible does not exist for you, my Lord, and because you trust me to achieve my goals.

You know me, Eternal Father. You more than anyone else know the secrets that I jealously guard in my heart. You know my intentions and my desires. I ask you to please help me to achieve them. Give me the means, give me the strength and, above all, stay by my side, blessed God, because I do not want to get lost in pride and arrogance.

If something needs to be removed from my life, do it, Lord. If something needs to be added to it, do it, my God. After all, I trust in you fully, because I have faith in your sacred plan of salvation, and I only want to be a faithful servant of your heart.

Allow me to be able to overcome prejudices this morning. Lord, may I be a man worthy of imitation because I want to be a reflection of your immense love for me. Help me, Father, to be as you wish me to be. Do not allow me to fall into banalities. Allow me to go through my trials.

May I be a new man this morning. May my mistakes from yesterday never come back to me. Help me, Holy God, to preach with my example, bless my mind and drive away hatred and rancor. Do your will in my life, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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