Morning Prayer for April 18

My Father, thank you for this day that you gave me. In your hands, I want to place it this morning. Give me your protection and your guidance. May I not get lost among so many thoughts, among so many experiences, among so many trials. Do not allow me to leave your side, Lord.

Thank you, Lord, for the night you have turned into day, for the friends you have turned into family, and for the dreams you have made come true. But above all, thank you for taking care of me and mine during this day. I thank you for your eternal love, Father.

Dear God, thank you for my life, for my family, for the people who cherish and love me, for my health, for the air I breathe, and for your immense love. Thank you, my Lord, for forgiving my forgetfulness and pride. Thank you for not remembering my faults and for giving me new opportunities.

Thank you for believing in my abilities and aptitudes; thank you for having faith in me. Thank you, Father, for giving me no reason to doubt your love; you keep me always firm and standing by you.

I thank you, my Lord, because you keep this heart beating, these lungs breathing, this faith growing, and you only motivate me to keep striving, Father, to be a man of good, an example for my brothers, and with your help, Eternal Father, I know I can achieve it.

Father of mercy, in you I trust. Only teach me the path I must walk. I ask you to give me the signs that my spirit needs to remain firm in your words. I ask that you give me the necessary means to continue preaching your word, Lord, and to continue sharing your bread of life with my friends and family.

Dear Lord, Please, Lord, make this a morning where your hand goes with me; grant me what I so long for, but if in your infinite wisdom you believe I should not have it, then take it away from me Lord, because you know what is right, and only you know what my soul truly requires.

I always want to be under your protection, my Lord, and to be able to enjoy your blessings, which is why I beg you not to let me stray from your path. When you see me weak, give me strength. When you see me doubtful, give me understanding. When I feel fear, give me confidence, but don’t leave me alone, Father, because only with your hand in mine can I achieve everything.

I ask you to protect us, bless us, give us your gifts and allow us to move forward. Help us to achieve our goals, as long as they are to your liking, Lord, in the name of your beloved son, our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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