Morning prayer for April 20

Eternal Father, I am grateful to you for allowing me to open my eyes once again. For my legs, for my arms, for my abilities, for being able to stand up and enjoy all that you gave me. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy one more day of life.

Thank you, Lord, because my family is by my side again, because they all woke up in good health and in good condition. Thank you my God for your blessings poured over my family because you give us the joy of being able to start this day again and be better than we were yesterday.

I feel grateful because this morning I will be able to perform my daily activities because I will carry out my plans and I will be closer to my objectives and goals. Thank you, my God, for giving me the privilege of being able to strive and improve as a person.

I am extremely grateful to you, my Lord, because you provide the food we require every day, because you provide me with work so that I can support my family, and because you give me the strength and courage I require to face my difficulties. You give me the courage and fill me with joy every morning.

Beloved Father, I want to thank you for taking care of me and my family during the night. Thank you because this morning the bad news did not reach our ears, because we can enjoy your presence in the smile of each child, in the friendly hand, and in the embrace of our loved ones.

On this beautiful morning, my Lord, I would like you to give me the gift of your company once again; to take me by the hand and lead me on a straight path, a path that, although it is full of difficulties, I am willing to cross to reach your presence, my Lord.

I want to ask you from my heart, Holy Father, that in this new day you give me the ability to discern between good and bad. Thank you for giving me the freedom to choose my destiny, to be able to set goals, and help me to fulfill them. Thank you for all the gifts, my Lord. I ask you to guide me to use them wisely for the good of others.

Heavenly Father, may I be peace for those who are at war, companionship for those who are lonely, and encouragement for those who have lost the will to move forward on this day; help me, my God, to be what others need so that their lives can find their way back to you.

Protect me, Father, that evil may not take hold of my being this day, and that I may be firm and courageous in saying no to all that displeases you, Lord. I hope that you will be done in my life, God, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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