Morning Prayer for April 21

My wonderful Lord, you give me the joy of a new day, you give me endless possibilities and a beautiful morning. Thank you for your immense love, my Lord, because you give me the possibility to open my eyes and to enjoy all the wonders that you have created for me and my brothers.

I feel grateful to you, Father because when I woke up this morning, pain and sorrow were no longer in me. After all, you watched over my dreams and protected me during the night. Thank you, Father, because when I was asleep, nothing bad happened to me, because I was under your care and your protection, and because in the same way, you took care of mine.

King of Kings, I thank you for giving me the joy of having my family with me one more day, because they are well because you took care of them during the whole night. Thank you, my Lord, for having heard my prayers, for answering them, and for allowing me to enjoy the company of those I love the most.

I want to thank you, Heavenly Father because today you have renewed my faith. You not only protect me, but you fill me with your Spirit. You allow me to be able to listen to your voice and your advice. Thank you, because today I can have the guidance of your sacred scriptures.

My blessed God, thank you for giving me this day the food that my family and I need. Thank you, my God, because we never lack the basic things that allow us to lead a pleasant and good life. Thank you for allowing me to have an education, to learn, and to strive daily to learn more.

This beautiful morning, I would like to enjoy health and be able to carry out my daily activities. Lord, may you give me your breath of life to not faint before the physical ailments. I ask you, my good God, that you may free my brothers and sisters from any physical pain that may be afflicting their lives.

My beloved God, do not allow the bad experiences of the past to influence our future or our decisions. Help us to forgive, my God. May we forgive ourselves to be able to see clearly what life has prepared for us.

May this new day serves as a blank canvas on which we can paint our dreams and outline our goals, assisting us to achieve each of our objectives if you believe it is convenient Lord; and may this day serve as an excuse to restart everything that went wrong yesterday, what I couldn’t finish.

With much humility, Lord, I want to ask you that this day your Holy Spirit accompanies us, so we can make good decisions, so we do not fear doing good over evil. Help us blessed God to be who you want us to be, always waiting for your Sacred will over my life, in the name of your blessed Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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