Morning Prayer for April 22

Thank you, my beloved God, for being so kind and generous to me, because in you, my Lord, I have everything.

Thank you, Father, that today I can speak to you. Help me to speak wise words today; may each one be like a balm to everyone around me; may my words edify, comfort, and bring joy.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for allowing me to get up from this bed today because my body responds to me and because my soul is at peace. Thank you for giving me the joy of this new opportunity in life. Thank you because today I can begin again.

I thank you, my Lord, for the family you have entrusted to me because they are the engine that drives me to achieve everything I desire and dream; thank you for allowing them to be a part of my life and me a part of theirs, and thank you, blessed God, because it is because of them that I have known family unity, mutual support, sacrifice, and true love.

Thank you, Father, of Mercy, because the day has only just begun and I already feel your blessings in my life, because food has never been scarce on my table until today. After all, you have given me the fortune of having a home, a job, and friends; thank you for each of these blessings, my God.

With a sincere heart, I ask that this day I can separate myself from evil thoughts, feelings of hatred, and resentment towards others. Lord, let this day my soul feel love and compassion for others. I ask you to protect me from the evil one who is watching my weaknesses.

Heavenly Father, I ask you to please protect us this day. The world is filled with hatred and people who live to do evil to others. Please, Lord, let nothing disturb us, let nothing take away the peace that you give us. Please my God.

Help me to bless God, that I may use the intelligence you have given me today to do good to others, that I may find a way to help others, that I may strengthen my knowledge of you, that I may be able to preach Your word and live it as well.

My Lord, I ask you with much humility and always waiting for your will to be done, that this day I can perform my daily activities in the best way possible, that I can perform successfully at work and, please my Lord, I ask you to be by my side this day. Do not leave me alone, always be with me, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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