Morning Prayer for April 24

Thank you, Holy Father, for a new morning, because this day I woke up at home, in my bed, and not in a hospital bed or in a prison. Thank you for having watched over my dreams and those of my family. Thank you for having stayed by my side when I was most helpless.

Lord of love, thank you for this day that you give us, for each of your blessings, and for your attention to me. Thank you for taking care of me and mine, merciful father, and thank you for keeping us safe in this home.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for everything you provide for me: life, family, and people who respect and love me; thank you for my health and the air I breathe. Thank you for forgiving my forgetfulness, my pride, and my whims. Thank you, my Lord.

Thank you, my God, for allowing me to start again this day, to do things better, and to remedy those things that have gone wrong before. Thank you for allowing me to have new experiences this day that will surely bring me much learning. Give me the certainty that you will walk by my side and that my mind will be enlightened by your wisdom.

Thank you, Holy Father, for taking care of me and all my family during the night. Thank you because you did not leave us alone, you kept us under your shelter and care, you gave us the peace and tranquility we needed, you gave us your pure love and your goodness, and I thank you, my God.

This morning, Holy Father, I want to pray for all those who are alone. Give them the company of your love, Lord. May they know that you are with them all the time, that you have not forsaken them. Help them, Lord, to find a helping hand, a shoulder to rest their sorrows and afflictions on. Give them the gift of friendship.

May those who have woken up today in hospital beds have comfort and hope to get out of this ordeal. May they have the strength to battle against the disease. And may they know that your plan is perfect, my Lord and that if you allow these hard trials, it is for the spiritual growth of each person.

I humbly ask you, my Lord, that you may give your forgiveness to those people who are in prison, that your spirit may invade their minds and that they may have enough capacity to recognize their sins and repent of them, allow them to amend their lives, and to start again with a repentant heart.

Merciful God, may this day be full of blessings for me and for those who need it most. You are the guide to happiness and eternal life. Do not let us fall into temptations, Holy Father, and that day we can realize our goals successfully if you so decide, my God, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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