Morning Prayer for April 27

Thank you, Most High Father, for this new day you have given me; thank you for the fortune of being able to open my eyes, move my hands, and walk; and thank you for being able to enjoy all of your wonders, my Lord.

Thank you, God, for taking care of me and my family all night long. Thank you for keeping us safe and away from danger. Thank you for watching over our dreams and staying by our side while we were helpless.

Thank you for this new dawn that will surely come with countless blessings like every day, Lord, because you not only give me the fortune of enjoying your creations, but you also provide me with what is necessary for my life.

Thank you, my God, because this day I will be able to perform activities normally because you allow me to fulfill my responsibilities and duties. Thank you for giving me the ability to get up from this bed and accomplish many things.

My Heavenly Father, I am so grateful for the new experiences that await me today. I know that the day will bring sorrows, but I know that it will also bring numerous joys, and one of them is already being able to see the smile of my family, to be able to count on their company, my God.

I ask you, Father, on this new day, that your love may envelop me and give me the ability to give love to others; that I may be a man who brings peace wherever I go; that I may not be a participant in quarrels or fights; help me to be a mediator between my brothers.

On this new day, may I have a clear mind, may I think with good judgment and reasoning, may I be a just man, may my mouth not pronounce words of hatred towards other people, and may I not make anyone around me feel bad.

Help me, Holy Father, so that this day I can successfully carry out my activities, that I can give my hand to others because giving service is one of the greatest signs of love towards others. Do not allow the ego to invade my being. May I be humble and with a good heart.

I ask you, my Lord, with much humility, that this day you take me firmly by your hand so that nothing can take me away from your side, so that my faith does not tremble, and to be a good man, a man who can guide others, stay this day by my side. Lord, do not forsake me, nor turn away from me. I need you very much. All I ask of you, Father, is to await your holy will in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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