Morning Prayer for April 28

My soul rejoices to know that I have awakened one more day in this wonderful world that you have created for me. I feel grateful, my Lord because this day again I open my eyes wide to be able to see and enjoy all your wonders.

I want to thank you, O good Lord. After all, I can get up from this bed, because I can make use of my faculties, and because I can have my family with me once again. Thank you for giving me these wonderful people who teach me to love and laugh. Your love is manifested through them.

I thank you, Holy Father, because you took care of me all night long. After all, you kept me close to your heart and watched over my dreams. You took care of my sleeping body and gave me the happiest dreams. Thank you for taking the troubles away from my mind during the night so I could get the rest I needed.

On this wonderful morning, I want to give you my gratitude for listening to my prayers, Lord, because you are always ready to help me and because you are not oblivious to my problems or needs.

Thank you, Beautiful Father, because food is never lacking on my table because I can have a job to support my family. Thank you for every moment of happiness with my children. Thank you for allowing me to be with them as they grow and become better people every day.

I ask you, my Lord, always waiting for your will, may this day be filled with blessings for me and for those I carry in my heart. I ask you to fill us with your love, your purity, and your mercy. May we be good men. May we be willing to help others.

May this new day serve us to make amends for yesterday’s mistakes; may we be able to ask for forgiveness and to forgive; for only in this way can we have a pure heart and be closer to you, my beloved Father.

May I be able to carry out my daily activities today. May I be able to perform with enthusiasm in each of my duties, because by loving what we do, we do things better, Father, and I want to give the best of myself always.

My God, lay your miraculous hand on the sick. My God, heal their wounds, heal their bodies, but most importantly, heal their souls, that the pain does not take away their faith, that the circumstances do not make them doubt your love for the Father, and give them much strength to endure every step, I ask you, my Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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