Morning Prayer for April 29

Heavenly Father, a new day is dawning in my life and you have already let me see all your greatness. You allow me to enjoy every wonder you have created, to enjoy every moment of my life with those I love the most. Thank you for your infinite goodness, good Lord.

This morning, I can’t help but thank you for taking care of me all night, for covering my house with your sacred protective mantle, my God; for giving me and my family a night of peace and tranquility; and for giving us the rest that our bodies so desperately needed.

Thank you for your gospel, because without your words I would be lost in this world that has become perverted and is dying a little more each day. Thank you for the prayer, merciful Lord, that allows me to talk to you and express the desires of my heart.

Thank you, my God, for giving me the means to continue to progress; for having a job; for having a house; for having food on my table every day. Thank you for all your gifts, my God; for all that you allow in my life.

Blessed Lord, I thank you for the family you have given me. For each one of them. Thank you for allowing me to be part of their lives, to be part of their triumphs, and to be able to be by their side when sorrow overwhelms them. Thank you for allowing me to be happy by their side, Holy God.

Bless them, Father, give them your wisdom so they know what paths to take, so they know how to distinguish between good and bad. Help them, Father, to always be by your hand. Do not allow them to stray, my good Lord. May the fashions and wickedness of this world not take away their essence.

Please, God, in this new day, may I always have you present in each of my actions, may all your love be reflected in me, and may I be able to help others find you, may I be a beacon for my lost brothers.

Holy God, fill our bodies with your Holy Spirit, may health accompany us and may our minds not allow evil thoughts. Lord, help me to bring comfort and hope to those who are sick, whether of the soul or of the body and to bring them peace.

Today is a day full of possibilities. Lord, I know I will make mistakes, but I ask My Lord, do not allow me to hurt those I love the most. May my mouth not say things that my heart does not feel and may I always be an instrument of good in your hands, Father, in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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