Morning Prayer for April 30

Loving heavenly Father, this morning my soul rejoices for your immense love, and I want to give thanks for your presence in my life. Thank you, Father, for giving me one more day on this blessed earth, for allowing me to enjoy all of your creation and each of the blessings you shower upon me and those around me.

Father, thank you for the roof that protects me from the cold of the streets, for the shelter and comfort of having a home, for having food on my table every day, thank you for giving me health and well-being to continue adoring you and sharing your word, which is the bread of life.

I can’t stop thanking you my God, for my family and friends, you make my life pleasant thanks to the blessing of having them in my life, you have given me the best of gifts, being able to enjoy this day with the people I love.

I will never tire of telling you how much I love you and how grateful I am with all your love, with your patience and above all with your forgiveness, you are a loving and merciful Father, you forgive my mistakes and give me comfort and peace.

This morning blessed Father, I want to give You the reins of my life, because only You, with Your infinite wisdom will know how to lead me to You, and only You have the key to eternal happiness. You more than anyone else know the deepest desires of my heart and you know how much I long for them. I leave it all in your hands Father, and may your will be done above my desires, for only you know what is best for me.

I need You every day, You are my way and my only truth, and I ask You Lord, with all my faith in You, to help me to free myself from all sorrow, deliver me Lord from hatred, resentment and envy, those feelings that only poison my soul and destroy it, give comfort to my heart and help me to find the way out when in turbulent days I am only a body that the wind shakes against closed doors.

Give me confidence in myself Lord, to enhance my abilities, and develop the talents that in your infinite goodness you gave me to improve this world and help others.

Wonderful God, may you accompany me this day wherever I go and may the plans I have in mind be fulfilled according to your will and my need. Do not allow evil to take hold of my mind or my heart and be my shield against so much evil that I may encounter. Give me strength not to falter in the face of trial.

Stay with me Beloved Father, may it be your spirit that guides my decisions, that gives me strength and leads me victoriously to the end of the day. You are an infinite source of Love, and in you Lord, I leave all my life, thanking you and asking for all this in the name of your Sacred Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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