Morning Prayer for May 2

Beloved God, You are my refuge, my comfort, my guide and my strength, only You give me the peace that my heart needs and I know that with You this day will be of blessings and well- being, because You are a loving Father and You are always watching over me Lord.

Thank you for allowing my eyes to open once again and contemplate the countless wonders that you have created for me, thank you because you fill me with joy by giving me a new opportunity in life, because today I can start from scratch and be better than yesterday.

Thank you Beautiful Lord, because during the night I had no unforeseen events, there were no worries or bad news that disturbed my sleep, because you took care of me and my family, because you watched over us and protected us from all evil Beloved Father.

Thank you my God, because when I woke up this morning, my body was renewed, in better spirits and very lively, thank you because during the night you took care of giving me the rest I needed and nothing disturbed my rest.

Thank you my Lord, because you do not forsake my family, because you allow us to be united and share your word of life, thank you my Lord because you give us our daily bread, thank you because you fill us with health and do not abandon us. I will never tire of telling you how much I love you and how grateful I am with all your love.

I ask you with much fervor Eternal Father, that this day you can pour your blessings on my home and those who live in it, we are your children Lord, and every day you show us how much you love us, this morning I ask that you can continue to give us your mercy and goodness.

Thank you for the opportunities you have given us to love, serve, help, work and prosper in this place where we live, where you have brought us, not to turn back but to conquer the blessings you have already prepared for us by your holy will.

Beautiful Father, thank you because today I will be able to embrace and give all my love to those I love the most, thank you for giving me this privilege Lord, thank you for allowing so much joy and happiness to be part of my life.

With much fervor Father, I ask that this morning you may guide my steps and not allow me to turn away from you, I want to go by your hand Lord, I want to hear the whisper of your Holy Spirit when I guide me through narrow and difficult paths. Bless my mind this day, Father, so that all my thoughts may be positive and I may achieve my goals, always awaiting your holy will, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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