Morning Prayer for May 3

Father of mercy, you give us a new dawn and my eyes have the joy of being able to admire it, my skin can already feel the soft caress of the wind, and my mouth can already speak of your greatness, thank you for all your wonders my Lord.

I am grateful Father, because this new morning is an opportunity to make amends for my mistakes, to strive again and be a better man my Lord, thank you for the trials and challenges that you put in my life daily my God, because they are the ones that strengthen my faith in You, Lord.

Thank you Eternal Father for the joy of being able to see my loved ones once again, because today I will be able to share with them the gift of life, and we can praise your name and do good to others, we can enjoy your blessings and get closer to you, thank you for this opportunity Lord.

I am eternally grateful to the Lord, because you provide me with everything I need to live, because my table does not lack food and because my body is nourished daily thanks to your mercy. Thank you for the blessing of being able to sustain this home.

Thank you Father, because during the whole night you watched over the dreams of my family, because you protected us, because you covered us with your sacred mantle and nothing could harm us, thank you for having sheltered us in your bosom Father, because we were able to recover all that we had lost.

I ask that in this new morning that begins, blessed God, you illuminate my path and that of all the people I love and lead us on paths of love, welfare and prosperity.

Holy Father, on this day may your Spirit accompany me on each of my paths, may he guide me and give me the wisdom necessary to always choose the right path, may your guidance prevent me from getting lost among worldly things.

May this blessed morning I reach out my hand to those who need my help, my comfort or simply my company, I ask you Lord, help me to be a means for my brothers and sisters to reach out to you, to seek you and find you, my Lord, because we all need your presence in our lives.

I ask You with all my faith in You, Lord, not to leave my side even for a second of the day, for I need You. You are the source of life, the truth and the eternal light. I do not want to leave You, my Lord, I want to be always with You and to be worthy of Your love, and that You feel proud of Your son Father, I hope that my prayer is to Your liking Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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