Morning Prayer for May 4

My beloved Lord, a radiant sun peeks through my window to say good morning, and with a soul that has just awakened, I say to you: Thank you, blessed God! There is nothing better for a good day, than to dawn united in prayer face to face. Thank you for this beautiful gift of life, for my body and heart are ready to praise you.

Blessed and praised be You forever my Lord, because You make roses sprout in hearts as dry as the desert, because You always paint wonderful and different landscapes every day, so that I may see how You strive to draw my attention to Your divine heart.

I thank you, because I was able to wake up in a safe space free from danger, because when I opened my eyes, I was able to contemplate with admiration your love made creation, through my brothers, my family and the people who take the time to see how I am every day.

It is gratifying to know that someone so great and perfect in love can fix his gaze on my smallness, because, although I cannot yet understand it all exactly, you make me feel like a being of great value before the world.

This morning dear God, I thank you for the lives of those I love the most, I pray for those who are not in good health. You who are the expert physician, heal their physical and spiritual ills. Strengthen the faith in their hearts and enkindle the fire of hope in them and in those of us who want their absolute well-being.

I give you from the first opening of my eyes, until the last exhalation of the journey that awaits me, together with my plans, my thoughts, so that everything may be handled with the prudence that identifies you. Make me an instrument of your peace, my Lord, for those who today woke up with anguish and anxiety in their souls.

In a special way I ask you kind Lord, to have mercy on those brothers and sisters who are tied to vices that increasingly eat away at their souls. Free them from the chains of sin Mighty God, that, through Your grace, they may be aware that the only thing that fills and satisfies in life is Your love, there is nothing stronger and more beautiful that Your love cannot do, even though we walk among thorns.

I want to start the day with the certainty that You will be with me from the beginning to the end of the day, and that if for some reason, things do not go as I had hoped, I will not be discouraged, that I will remember at that moment that Your plans will always be better than mine and that You allow all this so that I can discover all the capabilities that You have given me.

I take refuge under your mercy, so that I may assume my responsibilities with due spiritual maturity and that, through the love that unites me to your paternity, I may begin this morning with my head held high and with the courage of a true child of God, in the company of Jesus, our Lord, Amen.

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