Morning Prayer for May 5

Father full of goodness, a new day has come to me, and I think this will be one full of many purposes to live. That is why I want to thank you Lord. I stop for a few minutes to think about the first thing I asked you in the midst of the tiredness of the night, and I see that with much affection you have answered my request to have a new dawn to share together.

Thank you my great God, for this precious gift of awakening, for the blessings that you pour over my home, no matter how many times I have failed you. Thank you because I have a family that loves me well and is concerned that I walk in a path of righteousness and sincerity.

I thank you for giving me a heart that does not stop beating with emotion for this new day. I can perceive Your burning love like the great sun that You painted today, thank You for the freshness of the shadows that You put on the trees so that my body does not feel so tired because of the hustle and bustle that I have to live today. Thank you because I could feel protected in your arms during the night.

Now that I feel more energetic, I want to thank you, blessed God, for the welcome that your love gives me, in the breakfast that you put on my table, in the company of my family that sits around me to say good morning to me and to share about the projects they have for today.

This morning is ideal to praise you in my prayer Lord, glory to you, for you are strength in the face of all weakness. Praise be to you, beloved Lord, because you do not see the miseries of human beings, but the hearts that cry out for your presence and you welcome them with great tenderness.

And to start this day on the right foot, I place at your feet, detail by detail of each activity I plan to do, asking you with great humility to grant me the ability to see and contemplate you in everything, but with much more attention to the simple, that is where you are.

Do not allow the enemy to destroy my plans of happiness at your side, give me the faith and patience to not let him take over my thoughts or my attitudes, keep away from me all evil that wants to interrupt everything that I want to take me to your purposes.

Merciful Lord, I also place at your feet the needs of those who are sad at heart, for those who have lost a family member, a dear friend, and for those whose hearts have been wounded by the hard experiences that have badly marked their childhood.

Every word, every praise and every petition, goes out with much sincerity dear God, I ask You to accept all that I give You, so that it may be fulfilled according to Your will, which is the most perfect and the most good, under the blessing and company of Our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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