Morning Prayer for May 6

Dear heavenly Father, this morning my eyes behold your marvelous works and motivate my lips to want to pronounce your Name everywhere. Thank you blessed Lord, for giving me a revitalized rest during the night, because tonight I am here in your presence to have a friendly conversation.

You make every dawn in me a true miracle, thank you very much my God because through it, you allow me to have the disposition to achieve what I have dreamed of so much during my life: my long and short term plans, the people I want to frequent and the activities at home.

Thank you wonderful God, for doing good things for me, for the home that you give me, because I have a place where I can take refuge from danger, because I have a job to support me economically, bringing a daily plate of food to my table and thus, I can share it with my family.

My Lord, I ask You for all that I am about to accomplish today, so that it may be of great pleasure to You, and so that when You call me, I may have a place close to Yours. May my need for your existence not be ephemeral or conditional as the hours go by, my God, may I always have you as the center and driving force of all that I long for.

I pray for the welfare of my family and for all the people who are very important to me, so that this day may be of great benefit, that all the things they have planned and according to your will, may be in their favor, take care of the steps of each one so that they do not lose the direction of your true ways.

Fill with light this day that awaits me my beautiful God, may your love transcend into every corner and every heart that needs to be loved. I ask you, my good God, to help me to value myself and to consider everything you put inside me, with my good and not so good attitudes.

Untie every chain that binds my heart and grants me the freedom I eagerly await, do not allow the bad times that I may go through today to bring me down, that under your grace I may rise up and help me to take flight again.

I wish my Lord, that today your light may shine upon me, that nothing may keep me away from your presence, do not let temptation take power over my soul or my thoughts. May I emerge victorious from the trial ahead. Fight with me all battles please, on your side, there will be nothing to defeat us.

Today I place everything in your hands, precious Father, so that my plans and ideas may conform to what you want for me, that this morning may be full of purpose and that you may trace the horizon, so that I may know where I must go. Take care of my weaknesses, so that in them I may find the strength that I need to perfect and thus arrive much more quickly to happiness in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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