Morning Prayer for May 7

My Lord, I feel very blessed with this splendid dawn that you paint in front of my eyes. I have always considered that you are the best of artists, you make everything perfect, because you do everything with love. Thank you for loving me this way, my Lord.

Thank you God of love, for this day that you give me full of color, of vitality from the birds that can be heard outside my window, to the hurried walking of people. I want to enjoy every moment without missing anything, without leaving the opportunity to be pleasant and loving with You. I ask you to increase my faith, Lord, to give you first place in everything.

I place in your hands this morning, so that you may be the one to guide every step of my walk and walk on your path of holiness, and if I ever fall or stumble, I can see your face Lord, to get strength to get up in faith and continue.

Heavenly Father, I want to thank you for giving me a job that dignifies my being and allows me to bring bread to my table one more day, because thanks to them my family is sustained, thank you for the studies that you give me that help me to prepare myself to face reality, thank you for this welcoming home, for the food that with dedication is placed to be able to share it with my family.

Thank you my God, because you do not forsake me, nor make me believe that you love me for short periods of time, for placing abundance in my home with your dignity, with principles, thank you because I have everything I need and that you know makes me happy in the company of my family and dearest friends. Blessed are you Lord, because every day you make me more aware of your love in prayer and perseverance.

Grant me the health to be able to do with peace of mind all the things I have in mind, the courage and firmness to make assertive decisions for myself and others. May your Holy Spirit fill me with your presence, so that I may find happiness in what is simple.

Give me a new heart, like Yours my God, that I may love without measure and hope in faith, a beautiful heart that I may serve You and serve others, that I may not look with prejudice or envy.

My Lord, I want to make a humble request this morning, I pray for all the people who have dawned confused or discouraged, for those who have an illness or face a problem of violence in their home, so that they do not let themselves be carried away by despair and seek refuge in You so that their peace may be restored.

I feel confident that your grace will be sufficient for me to accomplish all that I propose to myself. I place my whole life under your feet, as an offering of this little son who loves you very much and who hopes in you, in the company of my faithful friend Jesus Christ, your Son, Amen.

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