Morning Prayer for May 8

Beloved God, in this new dawn I come before your presence, to glorify your Name and give you all my gratitude. Thank you beautiful Father, for all the wonderful things you have placed in my life, for hearing my request to awaken and converse with you once again.

Thank you because I have awakened full of health, and I have the joy of contemplating with my eyes the color and beauty of your creation, thank you for this sun that illuminates my morning to go out with enthusiasm to learn more about the life that you give me as a gift, to achieve all the plans that I have proposed for today.

I want to dispose of this day with much consideration and profit, to value every detail that you have with me my Lord, I would like to seek success in my daily activities with the certainty that you fight with me and that in every step that I can take, You direct them with righteousness. Take care of me and mine, give me health and much good for the rest of the day please.

I ask you, Oh Lord of goodness, to strengthen my faith and fill me with wisdom to have the precise words and actions during this day, to make the decisions that will help me achieve my goals and help me to place my trust in all your promises of life, understanding that, if some things are not achieved, it is because their time has not yet come.

I want my trust to be placed in You and to remain intact, that I may acknowledge to the world that without You I am not and cannot do anything meaningful, that You are the only King of my existence and that You have the power to heal any wound if we let You into our hearts.

I surrender all my plans and purposes to You this morning Father, to take control of everything and grant me favor at the moment You believe it is necessary. Look at my fragile heart in need of You Lord, this little imperfect heart that wants You, desires to be more of You.

On this day, beloved Father, I want to ask You to be the one to pour out all the blessings and all your mercy for those whose spirits are very low, so that they may stand up and walk hand in hand with You.

Allow me, Lord, to return to meet you and have calmness back in my heart, help me to face any problem without fear, having the certainty that I am not alone in this battle and that, if I have faith, everything can be as before.

All this that I give you my good Father, is with the sincerity of my soul, so that your beautiful light may come and remain in the journey of this long journey, because you have me written in the palm of your hands with my name and, above all, with a purpose. I trust once again in your eternal Father’s love, in the name of Jesus, your faithful Son, Amen.

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