Morning Prayer for May 9

Good Father, this beautiful morning speaks to me much of You, thank You for giving me a new awakening full of new opportunities to work for my happiness. I approach you with humility, to tell you that my heart overflows with the first emotions and feelings of joy, because I recognize your love immediately, because you put good things in my path.

Thank you for your peace, that space where I have been able to rest during the night, for your blessings and because once again, a great day begins for me. I have the hope that something good will come today, something that will make me strengthen our friendship, our fraternal union.

I want to tell you that I love you Heavenly Father, that there is nothing that can separate us from this love, because you work miracles in me and you pay much attention to every prayer that I raise to heaven. Thank you because there is no limit to all that you send me, because you give me opportunities to live under your care and thus fulfill all that I long for.

You make everything new and beautiful Lord, from the air I breathe, from the food you put on my table, to the hugs and words of encouragement from people who do not know me, but I know that You have put them there to find You always. I do not want to hurt you with my failures, beloved Father.

Strengthen my soul with your Holy Spirit, to resist any temptation that wants to cloud this radiant morning, make me aware of all that you have done for me, so that when the bad moment comes, I remember them and so I do not deviate from the path that you have traced with so much care. May your firmness accompany me to be able to make assertive decisions and achieve my goals successfully.

I thank you, blessed God, because you protect me, because you are attentive to my cry and every prayer. I thank your name my Lord, for giving me an answer to what my heart asks for and because you keep away my fears in adversity, you are very good, I feel happy to always seek you.

This morning, I would also like to ask you for all the people who are attacked and for those who react intolerantly to any situation that does not seem to please them, that their hearts may become soft again as on the first day they came into the world, that evil and pain may be removed from their lives.

My dear God, I need to begin my day holding your hand, with the request that you bless my labors. If at any time this heart becomes discouraged, light the fire and show me your love with much more intensity, so that I may know where to look and restore myself.

Help me oh good Father, to live this day with great joy, that my soul may be proud in You so that all who listen to me, may also rejoice in your presence. Allow me to be an instrument of your love to carry your message and to drive away any fear from those who seek you. I want to be that small seed of charity, where later on faith will flourish in all hearts that hunger and thirst for you, in the Most Holy Name of Jesus, Amen.

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