Morning Prayer for May 10

Beautiful God, King of my dawn, every awakening you give me is a precious gift. Thank you for the miracle of life and that I have one more chance to enjoy it. Thank you for each thing you carefully place in front of me to remind me of the love you have for me.

I thank you for my family, for my friendships and for all the people who encourage me in this life that many times, becomes difficult. Thank you for each of their lives, for the jobs that help them to put bread on their table so they can support their families.

I have everything, I have You and with Your Holy Spirit I ask You to embrace my needy heart. You are the boss of my life, the master of my existence and, this morning, I give you all my goals, my resolutions and every objective I have drawn up, so that you may take them into account and direct them so that they may go well.

With my heart in your hands, I ask you to please remove from my path everything that I do not need, everything that hurts me. Tear from my soul every feeling that is not yours, wash away my stains and forgive my faults with your grace. 

I trust in your promises, and even if I am not faithful enough at times, I want you to be the one in control of all that I have and am. If I fail you again, if I do not realize what I do, call my attention good God, with the love of a tender father who corrects his child with patience; so that I may learn to do the same with my brothers.

I will wait upon Thee, O Lord of the universe, that every petition and every thanksgiving may be heard and that Thy promises may be fulfilled at the right time. If the plans do not work out in my favor, may my conviction not give up, nor discouragement dominate me, may I only keep calm to know how to think that you do everything for my welfare.

I would like to place in your hands, the lives of the people who today undertake a journey, for those who are far from their loved ones for many years because they got a job, for those who flee their country because of social, economic or political problems; so that you protect them from any danger, any accident or any persecution, that in their suffering they cry out to you and soon they can return to their families.

I am certain that this day will be very beautiful for me, full of many blessings and challenges. Prepare my spirit for all this my Lord, may your mercy envelop me and be the one who protects me this day that awaits me. 

This morning, I am ready to begin my day with my feet on the ground but with my gaze towards heaven my Lord, so as not to lose your face in any brother, in any creature or creation of yours. With all my mind and heart I follow you Father, be with me, I need you, in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

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