Morning Prayer for May 11

Blessed God of peace, this morning as usual I begin the day in your presence, it is the first thing my anxious heart desires to do. I do it with a joy that overwhelms my whole body, because you have been listening to every prayer I raise to heaven for you.

This morning, great Father, I want to lay all my plans at your feet so that you may take them into account with your infinite love and fulfill the desires I have for each one of them. Take control my Lord of all my projects, always guiding my steps towards your will with the great light of your mercy, may you be the one who disposes of all my things under your precepts.

I am glad to know Lord, that I am the most important thing to You, because in my weakness You call me by my first and last name, no matter how many times I have failed or fallen. I thank you because you see beyond it, you fix your gaze on my soul and make me feel a beautiful person in spite of the bad.

Every awakening in this dawn is precious, it is a gift that I appreciate very much. Help me to appreciate all that you do for me and to maintain joy and illusion, enjoying every second of every moment, taking advantage of the time you give me for my family and my friends. 

This blue sky that you created, lends itself to praise you and give honor to your name. I know I am not worthy that you enter the home of my spirit, nor that you grant me so many gifts, however your love makes everything beautiful and gives it without expecting anything in return. 

I have everything I need to be happy and for that, I continue to thank you Lord, because there is no earthly fortune that compares to how enriching your extreme love is, because you give everything, absolutely everything. Thank you because you remove from my thoughts every kind of evil, envy and perversion that can harm my vulnerable heart.

Give me the courage to face adversity, the wisdom to make good decisions and enough reason to recognize the moments that do not suit me. Protect my every step and keep me safe in every place I am. Be my eternal watchman and come to my aid when I need you.

Do not forsake this son who tries to seek you always my Lord, this son who wants to make you smile and love you more and more, giving you back the little he can give before the much he receives from your hands. I ask you to grant me your forgiveness, good Father, for every fault I may commit, for the failures or doubts that put my faith at risk and turn my heart away from your presence.

Look with mercy on every request I give you, merciful Lord, give me the certainty that I will have a day full of health and profit. Do not depart from me at any time Father, for I do not know what I could do without You, I ask fervently in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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