Morning prayer for December 5

Beautiful God, I come before your presence and I kneel this morning to give you thanks that you allow my eyes to open once more and for this beautiful gift that is life. I ask you to give me the blessing of enjoying all these moments and sharing them with the people I love the most. I also want to thank you, blessed Lord, because you put your miraculous hand on the lives of my relatives and because you are always aware of the needs that may happen.

Don´t turn away from them, nor from their hearts, cleanse their guilt and lighten the burden of their worries so that they only think of praising and worshiping you. Precious God, gives us the possibility to maintain a joint prayer and increase the faith that we have fallen. Help us to understand each other and to be united in the face of adversity, to strengthen us with your love, and seek comfort in your arms. Don’t abandon us on this day, take care of our routes if we leave home and make us return home safely.

Guide me on the path of good and on the path of righteousness, Oh sweet Lord, don’t allow my strength to wear out and give me the wisdom to discern which options are the best for my life. Even if the road becomes difficult and stony, do not let me get behind, keep my head afloat if the storm of the sea turns dark and gloomy.

Heal the cracks in my heart and the wounds that my soul has, O Mighty Lord, be the doctor I need to overcome this physical illness that I may have. Help me to recover and renew my strength. I leave everything in your hands, Lord, because I know that only You can do wonderful things.

May your glory be manifested, blessed Father, in the victories that you will give me this day. May your grace be present in the abundance and prosperity in my work. May your mercy forgive my faults and wash the guilt from my soul.

Today, Beloved of my heart, I want to take one more step to get to know You, I want to get closer to You and be able to understand your grace, be able to feel your love closely, and thus be able to talk about You to others. Use me today to sow your promises in the hearts of my brothers, in the hearts of those who want to know about You, and enlighten my words to be able to carry your message of love and peace.

I cannot start the morning without having your presence in my heart. I ask that you come to take control of all my actions, that my mind thinks with your wisdom and that my heart acts with that courage that only your spirit can give me.

My Lord, take care of my path and don´t allow me to deviate from the path that you have laid out for me.

I thank You, blessed Lord because I have the confidence that my prayers will reach You to be heard and that You will grant me everything I ask of You in due time and for the right reasons.

Now I am about to start my day full of hope and illusion. Stay with me every step of the way. All this I ask in the name of your Son Jesus, Amen.

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