Morning Prayer for May 12

Blessed Lord, a new day begins and you have remained by my side. Thank You for all that You do for me, from the radiant welcome of the sun entering my room, to the blessing of my loved ones.

I ask You for the life of my parents, my grandparents, my siblings, my children, my husband or my wife, may You be the center of our lives and thus remain united, I ask You to grant us the understanding, to love each other more in the difficulty that our home may go through.

May you be the driver and I the co-driver of my life Lord, guide me always and watch over my steps with dedication. Do not allow the darkness of the evil one to come and cross my life or that of my loved ones. Support us Lord, listening to the petitions that we need the most.

God of my universe, this morning I want to praise all your splendor, give you glory forever my beloved King. You who know absolutely everything about me, the most beautiful, the most cloudy and darkest; I give it all to you. Take it as an offering Lord, which comes from this poor heart that is full of illusions.

This day I want everything that I raise to your altar from my heart, to be granted to me in the time that you consider that I need. I want this morning to be completely for You, that You take me as an instrument, to be a work in Your hands my Lord, that my lips only have words of love and understanding and thus be able to bring hope to the people who need it.

Also, I would like to ask you for my work Lord, which is the sustenance of my home, for every activity I do every day, for my hard work or my profession; so that you fill it with humility and dignity and that at the end of the day, I can return home with a clear conscience that I did the right thing.

I place in your hands, all my abilities, my skills that I have learned over time, to be strengthened and guided by your Holy Spirit, with great humility and so I have a lot of production in my work or studies to continue bringing food to my family.

Help me Lord to walk on the paths of my own good, to be able to decide properly and to keep temptations away from my life. Do not allow the evil one to have any space in my heart, give me the necessary strength to shine like the sun, to live on this earth as You did and to be an echo of your voice.

I want to end this morning conversation thanking You once again, because I know that this day will be of much benefit to me. Please my Lord, stay walking beside me throughout the journey of the day, so that every step I take, I may carry your name, for better or for worse, hand in hand with Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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