Morning Prayer for May 13

My gracious Father, good morning, thank you for this new life that you give me to be with you and mine. Thank you for so much blessing that you put in my life to put my feet on the ground in the right way and set in motion everything that is planned for today.

Thank you my beautiful Lord because today I can breathe, see and walk without complications, thank you for the life of my family and all the environment that gladdens my existence. Thank you very much because once again you are with me, ready to undertake an adventure that will take me to holiness, to your eternal kingdom.

I feel calm, because you have taken care of my dreams, you have watched over every hour of the night that passed and because I have the opportunity to praise your name. Blessed are you forever King of the universe, Holy God of mercy, for your promises are faithful and your love is exceedingly great for all your creatures, praised and beautiful are you forever Father.

I want to begin this day by leaving everything in your hands, beloved Lord, because there is no better place than your presence to leave everything I have. My soul glorifies your existence, my heart is filled with joy and charisma for this day full of light, help me to always walk with you my good Father.

With much sincerity, my Lord, I ask that you illuminate my path more than the sun, that you direct my life with success, on the path of respect and gratitude towards others. May this day be full of opportunities that increase my faith and abundance in my home.

Thank you because with you, I have the possibility that everything is for the best and to enrich my soul, because you do not cut my wings to dream and think big, despite the difficulties; thank you for showing me that everything is part of your perfect plan for my life.

I know that your logic is different from mine, I ask you to help me to be able to understand a little more all the designs of this day, to overcome every trial that interferes with my path, to keep you in mind before deciding something to have your approval first and not let me be carried away by what I feel. Do not allow my weaknesses to be more than your greatness Lord, fight with me, let us emerge victorious from every trial.

Help me good Father, to discover the wonderful purpose you have for every circumstance that passes through my life. Wherever I go, wherever I am, may I always think of You and You of me, please be the one to instruct me in everything that will keep me from falling into perdition.

Give me the firmness my God that your mercy protects my heart so that no evil enters it, I want to start this day full of courage and full of your Spirit, under your support I take refuge, please do not let me go, I trust in You, Most Holy Lord of my life, in the company of Jesus, my good shepherd, Amen.

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