Morning Prayer for May 14

Wonderful Lord, I feel very grateful for this new day, I have the feeling that it will begin with much profit because You have granted it to me. Thank you because your faithfulness is very great and cannot be compared with the earthly one, because you watched over my sleep like a watchman and allowed me to rest peacefully last night.

I remember all that I lived yesterday and my heart thanks you Lord, for last night and for what I will live today, there is no greater love than yours. Thank you for this life made miracle in me, because I can breathe, look at you and talk to you, for giving me much encouragement to start this journey. I ask you to continue to accompany me please, to be covered with your mantle of protection.

Every moment that you have planned for me, I want it to be taken advantage of glorious God, to always be pleasing, for the table that you set for me and my family, for not letting me go to bed cold or hungry and for not letting them die of hunger too.

I cannot hide anything from You my Lord, You know everything, You know it all and therefore I ask You to take all my needs and my weaknesses so that each one of them, from the smallest to the greatest, may be fulfilled according to Your will. Lead my being towards the path where I will always recognize your face, be it simple or complicated, but may it not turn me away from you.

I abandon myself to your precepts, to your feet, I belong to you. My soul glorifies You and prostrates itself before Your majesty to ask You, may You be the one who lifts my spirit with Your grace, Lord, who takes each of my burdens and returns them with more conviction on my shoulders.

Fill my mind with intelligence, to know how to act in every moment that passes, fill my heart with love to love me more and to recognize You in others with that love, I want to fill with hope if You take me as Your instrument Lord, I hope and trust in You pious God, beginning and end of all that exists.

Take all that I have, my work, my studies, the most precious people in my life, all my activities so that they may be blessed by your powerful hand, so that, with constancy, they may bear fruit. 

Be my companion Lord, in all places and at all times, wherever I go or wherever I am, and keep me from all evil that would break the beauty of your love. Do not let them harm me Lord, I hide in your side, it is the safest place.

May this day that awaits me, be to strengthen my faith under all circumstances, for I want to live in the certainty that nothing will be lacking if I have you by my side. Thank you for this gift, for this love and this communion, take my prayer my God and take it with you, so that this may be a covenant between us, we are one my Lord, I love you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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