Morning Prayer for May 15

Divine Lord, on this day I feel completely free to address You, to chat a little through this prayer. I have realized that this new breath of life is the first manifestation of love this morning and I thank You so much for such a beautiful detail. From my breathing to the opening of my eyes and my walk, thank you my God.

Thank you for being such a good and loving Father, for your faithfulness and for always being my refuge. Thank you my Lord for showing me your love daily in the wonderful blessings that little by little you place in me. You are attentive to my steps and my dreams. Help me to achieve every desire, I want to be always happy to be your child and that you accompany me with tenderness.

To begin this morning, I want you to take total control of my life Lord, take every joy, sadness, my strength and all my weaknesses, I give you everything that is important to me, so that you may be the king of wisdom in every decision I make.

Let neither pain nor anguish be stronger than me my God. Give me calmness at the right time, that when I am in the battle zone, my gifts may be increased by the action of your Holy Spirit and help me to emerge victorious from that moment.

Remind me always Lord, that I must be grateful, out of love, not out of habit or obligation, do not allow my mind to believe at any moment that I do not need You. I want to walk with You in faith and in righteousness to get with good the things I desire.

And if most things, do not go as I expect, help me to pause for breath and continue with what remains, I do not want my discouragement to make me back down, I pray Lord. For You alone are the Holy King of the universe, the patient and loving God, my heart cries out to You: Glory to You, my Lord!

I ask You for the people who do not have enough strength to carry their cross in sickness, financial problems or family violence. Help them to keep calm and to take refuge in You to think and act better in every turbulent moment, accompany them Lord, they need your love.

I also ask You my Lord, to relieve what makes me a little sad and hopeless about people, teach me to understand them and if I cannot understand them, then teach me to love them more, even if they do not return their love in the same magnitude as I do. For You loved without asking anything but willingness to open our hearts.

Give me my beloved God, a day full of blessings and mercy to know how to forgive others as You do with me when I offend You. I place everything in your hands, in the intercession of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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