Morning Prayer for May 16

Dear good God, today I have my eyes and my heart fixed on You, to thank You because during the whole day that passed, You never let me go. I ask you this morning, not to take your gaze from my heart, nor your protection from my life Lord, I need you every second that passes.

Thank you for all the blessings made people and creation, that you carefully placed in this day that you give me. I ask you to please grant me happiness in the simple and tranquility to enjoy the ones I love. 

This day, I ask you my God, do not leave my side. During the previous morning, I have enjoyed your presence and your company, and now, on my knees and with my thoughts scattered, I realize that I need you even more. You are a good God and full of mercy, you do not take into account my mistakes and you grant me an opportunity made dawn to polish my actions, thank you Lord.

Today I put everything in your hands, for a better care: my most sincere desires of the heart, together with my fears; because You can give a good horizon to all of them, please take them into account this day.

I would like pious Lord, that You increase my faith under every prognosis, under every adversity or vicissitude that life presents to me, so that they do not wear out my life any more nor weaken me with temptations. I want to walk holding your hand so as not to feel fear or discouragement before the enemy.

This awakening makes me thank you more and more for the life of my family, because they always remind me how great your love is, how great your goodness is for me. Thank you for their service, for their good deeds, my Lord. Give them a day filled with much well-being and help them to find you more and more.

In a very special way I ask you holy God, for the young couples, for those who have just married on these dates, so that your love may always reign between them from here to eternity, so that their problems may be solved with patience and that they may form a great team of evangelization through their testimonies, bless their new homes and all their future plans, so that they may always be under your will.

Merciful God, hear my prayer this morning and grant me the peace I ask for, so that today, I may be goodness made person as You are. You who are pure compassion, help me always to forgive those who offend me. You who are the Almighty, help me to overcome evil with your grace.

Give me the wisdom I need to be able to discern well in this beautiful gift called life, that my actions and activities may be to your holy liking and may I reflect you in love. May I remember that I came into this world to be a king of service like you my good Lord, I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, your eternal Son, Amen.

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