Morning Prayer for May 17

Good and faithful Lord, today I am blessed with a new day and you give me the opportunity to be with you again. Thank you for the restorative rest that you gave me. I want to entrust the step by step of my activities, with the certainty that You will be in the midst of them, of the universe and of my whole life.

Grant me the grace to have a new opportunity to be faithful to You and to face the trials of this day, for with You hand in hand, everything can go better and successfully. Thank you for this awakening full of energy and vitality for my soul, may your face never depart from me my beautiful God.

May this day be filled with your presence because it will be full of many challenges and trials, I would like to emerge victorious from them. Grant me my Lord the assurance that you will be attentive to my welfare, and, knowing all that I need, you will not leave me alone.

You hold my plans in the palm of Your hands and I embrace them to be of men, Your fisherman. Take me well, in this day that has just begun and take care of me in the journey of my labors so that I may carry you out with efficiency and dignity.

This beautiful morning I want to place in your hands the life and works of each one of my family members, so that you may guide them on the right path, bless them in all their activities; be it studies, work that they carry out, so that they may know that it is you who is behind all of them.

You who are well aware of my situation, I earnestly ask You to take my difficulties so that they may be returned as strengths and thus, be able to overcome all the problems that may come; infuse all your love in my heart and in the hearts of mine, because without your love, we are not and we cannot do anything. 

Increase my enthusiasm and optimism to understand your plans, my beloved God, help me to understand that your will is above mine and that if the goals that I long for, take time to be fulfilled; well, it is to put into practice the patience that I have asked of you all this time. 

I ask you also, for those people who face difficulties from the beginning of this day, so that you may be the consolation of their hearts and their refuge. Do not cease to watch over each one of them my good Lord, that they may feel how infinite your love is, so that their strength may be revived and that they may not give up easily.

Adorable Father, I thank you for everything; I do not want to forget anything, thank you for the family that you gave me, for the food that with much effort is placed on our tables and for the space of protection that we have as a home. I ask this morning to begin under your grace, to be delivered from every evil adverse to your love, all this I ask in the name of Jesus, your beloved Son, Amen.

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