Morning Prayer for May 18

My good beloved God, how good it is to be here in your presence, under this sun that lights up my room. My soul is now fully awake to address You in the offering of my prayer. You are so beautiful, my Lord, that I cannot compare You with anything.

Today with my body now fully awake, I can say, I have many reasons to praise You and give You honor, for You provide all the needs I have, You give me a family, a good home and You help me to earn my living in a just and dignified way, without harming anyone.

There is nothing better than talking to You my God, You give me the calm and full confidence to continue this life without fear. And, I would like to ask you this morning, to watch over my every step. Blessed God, help me to rid my path of any evil that may darken this morning that has just begun.

Please watch over me throughout the day and lead me well to all my destinations, so that everything I say and do, glorify and exalt your Name without shame my Lord. In my attitudes and in my activities, may I set an example of your love, beautiful God, King of all the earth.

Provide my life with wisdom, to make my decisions with much discernment. Give me patience to know how to face all the hard moments that I will have to live, generosity to treat my brothers and sisters as You treat me and the joy of living in your grace, without letting difficulties erase the smile from my face, nor make me renounce You.

This morning, I want to be an instrument of your charity, beloved God, so that your light may radiate to all my brothers and sisters in need who surround me, to my family, my friends and to people I do not know, but who also need a sincere embrace or a word of encouragement in their lives. 

Fill the hearts of the family members who have abandoned these people with compassion, so that they may become aware and remember that they too were little ones who were under your care. 

I begin this day in your love, blessed Father, trusting that You go with me, embracing me as a loving and tender father, encouraging me and helping me to fight for each of my dreams. I trust that You guide me with much wisdom and that You watch over the steps of all Your children, without exception.

I ask you to please stay by my side throughout the arduous journey I am about to have. Be still dwelling in my heart that waits in You always with humility, so that today I do not see this day as any other, but with much prosperity and faith that I will be wrapped in your grace. I commend myself to You my Lord, Father of the earth and of all that exists, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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