Morning Prayer for May 19

Merciful Father, I want this morning to begin in your presence, and I want to thank you for all the blessings you have showered throughout my life, also on the people I love the most and whom you know how important they are to me. 

Thank You my God, because all Your works are miraculous, because You look upon this servant who needs You to be able to live in grace always. Today I am about to live a day full of enthusiasm, I want to do things better than yesterday, today I wake up full of hope in my heart.

Lord, I thank you for your immeasurable love, because my being is small, but your mercy is great and at the same time attainable for those who seek you. Thank you that you always have a suitable plan for my life, I ask you to please work everything under your will, my good God. 

This day, I offer you what weighs most heavily on my soul: my woes, my worries. Let all these things rest at your sacred feet, so that they may be turned into blessings. You who know everything about me Lord, I can hide nothing from You, help me to always be victorious, blessed God of power.

My path is safe, if today You walk with me, for with Your presence by my side, I will have nothing to fear. I ask You to take control of all my actions, and make me an instrument of Your great love. Direct my walk and be the light of my path, do not let darkness creep in and fall upon me. 

I have many words of gratitude and praise for You my good Father, because You have not left me alone, You do not forget this little heart and in spite of everything, You call me by name as a son of Your kingdom. Thank You because You gather my loved ones once again, because today I have what I need at my table and because You allow me to share with them with peace of mind. 

I want to ask you for the difficult moments that my family is going through, to take refuge in their calls. Grant much success in all their projects and be the comfort that their hearts need, so that they do not lose sight of you and through your love, the union is maintained in the home, in the face of all bad feelings or pain.

I also beseech you for the people who wander like souls in pain through the world, unaware of your existence or ignoring it. Give them understanding so that they may comprehend the magnitude of your love and the capacities that you have given them since my first breath of life. 

Blessed are you my beloved Father, for not ignoring my prayer. I am ready to begin this day in your presence, give me much strength for what lies ahead, I want to strengthen my faith through all the trials that may come. I hope and trust in You my Lord, I am certain that today will be a great day, in Jesus name, Amen.

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