Morning Prayer for May 20

Adorable Father, today I woke up with the will of wanting to start this new day with You, that is why I approach You and before You, I place myself at Your feet to tell You once again: Thank You my God! for the gift of life in the first place, because it is something invaluable and at the same time, You give it to me with full confidence.

God of the universe, I thank you because today I have the opportunity to have a good home, wonderful people around me and because all this motivates me to start the day with more courage. Thank you my good Shepherd, because you let my body and mind rest from the daily routine, and because now you are waiting for me to include you in everything I have planned.

I thank you for doing countless things to keep me close to you, blessed be your goodness, heavenly Father, and I can respond to those calls, by seeking you and walking on your path of love. Thank you that you thoughtfully place the right people in my path and that they remind me of all that you do to first accept your love and mercy.

The first step to this new day, I want to take at your side, beautiful God, I have many dreams and plans that I wish to fulfill and I hope that all my pending and actions will be to your liking. Take into consideration all my desires, so that they are always under your precepts. 

You well know that I love you, but I want it to be a love more than human for you, I ask you to allow me to rejoice in the joy of the gospel and to make known to the whole world the only thing that knows how to give glory to your name.

I would like to be a reflection of You blessed God, to help all who cry out to You, to be able to understand them as You usually do, You can do everything and You give it, Oh wonderful Lord, only in Your hands I am sure I can be happy and saved.

Today with confidence, I pray to You for my friends who are far away, because they have distanced themselves from me perhaps because of some arguments and for those who are going through some existential crisis. So that You may be the one to protect them and come to their aid, even if they do not ask You, give them all the love so that their hearts may feel full and their spirits may be strengthened in Your presence.

Hear each of my prayers, Lord, and help me to achieve all that I implore of You so much. Do not allow the enemy to manipulate me, nor take advantage of my vulnerability. Give me the faith and the certainty that nothing can defeat me, because I am protected by love.

Finally, I want to offer you my whole life, united to all my actions and thoughts. Accompany me precious Father in this new journey that awaits me, whether today’s experience is good or bad, do not allow me to be discouraged from following you, in the name of Jesus I ask you, Amen.

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