Morning Prayer for May 21

My good God, I feel so special to know that you heard my request, to have a new opportunity made dawn, and how not to thank you for such a great blessing, from the air I breathe daily or the sun that greets me so radiant. 

Also many thanks for the adversities, for those uncomfortable situations that sometimes embitter our life a little, but that show a great teaching in them if we look carefully, beyond the pain or annoyance. And if perhaps I do not understand what you allow, I ask you to help me to be patient and to grant me wisdom to be able to accept them with conviction.

Thank you that your mighty hand has saved me from torments and dangers during the night before, that you protected me like a guardian and watched over my dreams hour after hour. Thank you blessed Lord, for the miracle of life in my family, because I have them with me once again to love them more or perhaps to settle some differences between us. 

Sweeten each one of their hearts and give them the joy of living what you give them, give them patience so that they can solve their difficulties calmly, without being driven by their feelings but by your love and also much wisdom to decide rightly in front of everything.

May my family be able to see you in the faces of all the people they will meet, so that they may be charitable and all their actions may be pleasing in your eyes, my Lord. Please Father, may unity remain in my family and may understanding be the one to handle our differences.

This morning my God, I offer you all the goals I have outlined along with my thoughts, direct them along the ideal path and let your love reflect with all your mercy upon me. Take me with You to be Your servant and instrument that the world needs to be loved as I am by You.

In a special way, I ask You for the people who are going through a bad time, because they have some very strong debt, some illness or some other situation that compromises their feelings, so that You may be the one who relieves them and that they may learn to know You through prayer, and to obtain under Your grace, all that they ask for from their hearts.

Take my hand Lord and help me to walk with You, give me the ability to fight and not to fall easily in the face of difficulties. Remove from my sight and from my heart every danger that wants to surprise me and drive away all temptations that may arise during the day.

My dear Father, I begin this morning with this humble prayer. I am certain that it will be heard by You, as the great friend that You are, I place my whole life in Your hands and Your strength in mine, because today will be a great day, I proclaim it in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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