Morning Prayer for May 22

Blessed God, each dawn is a little more of the love you give me. I have the joy of being able to wake up with you once again and for this first sign of charity, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My eyes this morning, open to the new challenges that will present themselves, to the new goals and objectives, in which love must prevail. 

From now on, you make my life wonderful, O holy God, because you do not leave me nor forget me, because you show me the path I have to follow to persevere in your will, and I want to ask you to keep me close to you, please, at your side I am safe. 

With much enthusiasm I wake up, with all the desire to fulfill all my ideals and to achieve my goals; because this gift that you give me again, is to make the most of it my Lord. I know very well that if you remain by my side, there will be nothing and no one who can defeat us in the daily battle called life. 

Help me Lord, to always decide what is right for my life and my soul, that today I may put on your humility, do not let pride take over my weakness and make me believe that I do not need You to get what I want. 

May this day be filled with much hope and blessing. I will lack nothing if you are with me my God. I ask You to please increase my faith and renew my courage. I trust in You, in what You are, do and promise Lord. Help me to tear away all my fears and my insecurities, to live better and better.

Your love is incomparable to anything, as is your mercy, O beloved Father, may my heart always thank You for the good and the bad, for the just and even the incomprehensible; for You have a reason for all that You allow. Give me wisdom to decide righteously from sunrise to sunset, and conviction to remain in your love at all times.

Today I want to ask you in a special way for the souls of those people who decided to end their lives, for those who think they have no value as a person or for those who believe that there is no solution to their problems and live tormented and thinking that the best thing to do is to cease to exist. 

This morning Lord, I give you all my will in the objectives, the plans, the purposes that I have drawn together with my joys and sorrows. Be my absolute truth my God, may my heart fear not to hurt you, and may I always seek to please you, even if the world does not like me or criticizes me.

Heavenly Father, let this humble prayer rise up to your majestic altar, may it be reached by your mercy so that you may have mercy on me. I know that you take my requests into consideration, but in the end, may it be what you deem best for my life Lord. May the power of your grace accompany me on this journey and be the one that drives me to finish the day well, all this I ask in the name of your beloved son Jesus, Amen.

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