Morning Prayer for May 23

My heavenly Father, Good morning! I feel so blessed by this new dawn. Thank you for accepting my request for a new opportunity for improvement, for healing. I confess that I still do not feel completely rested spiritually, but knowing that I have a new day, in itself, is already a great miracle. 

Today I want to offer you this awakening, blessed God, take my hand and help me to take the first steps with a lot of attitude, erase all sadness, anguish and despair from my life that confuse my thoughts. Take away Lord, my tears, my suffering, my sorrow, my grief, so that I may have room in my heart for your grace and blessing.

Grant that today I may experience the immensity of your love and goodness. Teach me to love you more, mighty God, to give myself completely with all my mind, with all my soul and with all my heart. Pour also your blessing on the people I love the most please, so that they never forget how much you love them and are there to help them.

I ask You for my home, so that You may be the one who dwells in it. Renew our energies and keep our faith from going downhill. In spite of our differences of thought, may they not separate us, may your love always keep us united and hopeful in you, and under that love, may we praise you for all eternity. 

Give us much charity, may your peace always illuminate as the radiant sun in our actions my God. May all that we do give glory to You, but above all, may it please You. Help us to love each other more through understanding and to know how to forgive each other. If for any reason there is an argument between us, let us know how to resolve it calmly in your presence to obtain good consequences.

Please Father, do not allow this discouragement to invade me completely, come to my aid and renew my spirit with an eternal embrace. If I fall into sadness or anxiety, help me to get out of this situation quickly. 

Lead me on the right paths and help me to strengthen my faith, so that my actions may please you this day and so that I may continue more securely to the end. I would also like to be your mirror for others who, perhaps, feel as I do at this moment, I can offer them my empathy and my love.

I am certain that everything I say to You is heard by You. Thank You for taking my life seriously and not leaving me alone, because as You promised me, You will be with me until the end of time. I trust in You my God, I trust in what You have for me.

I want you to see that all my dreams and my greatest desires are placed in You, with my effort and with your company I will achieve each one of them. Thank you infinitely for all that we share, stay by my side please good God, may this day begin with strength and in the mercy of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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