Morning Prayer for May 24

Eternal Father, today I woke up eager to start these first rays of sunshine, with my humble prayer. Full of joy, my heart thanks you for this new dawn that you give me, because it is so nice to wake up and find you in the simplest to the most majestic.

Thank you for the life of my family, blessed Father, for the care you take with each one, I ask you for their worries, for everything that afflicts them or the storms they may be going through, so that they may be converted into hope and refuge and thus, they may feel more relieved and persevering on the road to meet you.

Every morning, you give me many reasons to be able to give you glory and praise my God, to ask for your will over my life and to draw closer to you. Make me a person full of your love, according to what you created, because I want to love you more and more Lord, with all the strength of my mind and heart, and fill myself with your truth.

Let me, Lord, be able to obtain all that You know I need and know is best for my life. Never leave me alone, always be the light on the path that I may fall more in love with You, with all that You are and do for the whole world.

Protect me from the evils that want to destroy my plans and give me much wisdom to discern correctly between what is good for my life and what is apparent. Teach me to be humble at work, in my institution or in whatever space I find myself, to be more of You.

This morning, God of power, I ask You for much will and firmness, I want to keep standing in the face of any discouragement or in case the sky turns gray. Help me to have more vision of your precepts so that I may reach all my goals with dignity.

If it is in your plans for me to go through many trials, I ask you to hold me very strong and not let me stumble or fall too long in them. Do not let despair take over my vulnerability and be reckless with you. Help me to be able to pause so that I can think calmly before deciding wrongly, take great care of my day please.

That my soul may continue to be filled with your grace, I cannot tire of praising you or seeking your will. I trust that you hear me and that the power of your love sweeps away any harm. 

Thank you for your inexhaustible goodness and for the beautiful joy of being a child in your image and likeness. Give me the necessary strength to be the sun in the lives of my brothers and sisters and fill my day with much joy to share it and to witness the enthusiasm of being a soldier in your divine army. I give all this to you, in the company of Jesus, your beloved Son, Amen.

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