Morning Prayer for May 25

Wonderful Father, what a timely morning to give you many graces. My mind and heart are already awake to thank you for all that you allowed in my petitions. Thank You first, for this great dawn, because You also took great care of my family and my friends, they are well and under Your protection.

I want to get closer to You, through this prayer that I make for my life and the life of my family and friends. Thank you my good Father, because today you gave me a new opportunity to love you with more conviction, for having caressed our hearts with your voice in our dreams and because I have the great joy of being able to embrace with much affection my father, my mother, my wife or husband and my children. 

Merciful Father, thank you because you took care of my home from all dangerous exposure and because today you rise with me to be the one to guide our tomorrow. You go before us always, protecting us from all evils that interrupt our plans and visions.

Today I want to thank you by praising you, raising my hands and my heart, even if sometimes I do not feel much strength, that all my words of love and gratitude may reach your divine altar, Lord.

I want to ask You to be the one who provides all the necessities that I need and that today my Lord, I do not lack dignified work, studies, health and bread on my table to share with my family. But above all, may I not lack the most important thing, your love my God.

Although things get difficult at times, You do not let go of my hand, thank You for that, because You take care of giving me everything that is more convenient for my true welfare and try to convince me to have more confidence in your promises to emerge victorious from the trial and that we can do everything if the union prevails as the irreplaceable source of a fraternal bond.

May all that I do today, my God, be for your glory, help me to be an instrument of your peace and light, for every young person or every person who wants to come to meet you and know you, for you are the source of living water to satisfy our need. 

For all adversity, I ask you to fill me with much strength Lord, do not let the enemy defeat me, help me to emerge triumphant from the problems and moments of darkness, take care of the things that prevent me from moving forward. 

And now to set in motion everything that awaits me today, I ask you to take me and bring me home safely, I also ask you for the most loved ones in my life, so that with your care, they can accomplish everything they have proposed for today. With You everything, without You nothing my Lord, all this goes in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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