Morning Prayer for May 26

Lord of my heart, a new day has come into my life. The night and its darkness have left and the sun welcomes me in this new dawn. Today I have everything I need to enjoy your presence. 

Thank you Father, for the blessings you give me, even if I do not ask for them, but You know how to read what my mind and my heart want to tell you even if I do not express it with my lips; because You give me a new day full of many challenges, many goals and challenges. 

Majestic Father, thank You for the job opportunity I have, for my studies, for all my life and that of my family; I have been able to wake up and meet them, to be able to hug them and tell them how much I love them. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share food under the same roof, together.

I have a beautiful family, the one that motivates me to continue improving, to not neglect the principles that I was taught since I was a child and they are the reason for my joy, I can rely on them in everything I need. They are a very concrete proof of your love Lord, thank you for their lives, for their company, because they have patience with me when I usually get very bad because of the problems. 

May we not lack the basics in my home. May the food that you give us, help us to replenish our energy and serve us to continue the journey of this day. I also ask You for the physical and mental illnesses that they may be suffering, so that You may be the doctor who can help them and cure them of all pain. 

I ask You in a very special way, for those people who were left without a family, either because of a loss or because they were abandoned to their fate. That in the midst of this loneliness they may find you, Lord, so that you may heal all their wounds and afflictions through your love.

Do not let discouragement stop me and drag me down with you, for I believe in you Lord, I ask you to increase my faith, please, I do not want to fall again, may my steps be firm and declare your glory in each one. Be the rock where I can hold my soul and take refuge from the evil one.

Enlighten the path of my life Father, cover my day with your grace. You know absolutely everything about me, and every promise You have, will be given at the time You see fit, help me to be patient, to wait on You without hesitation. 

Father, allow me to make it through this day unscathed in sin and danger, to the end. Take care of me always, of those I love most and of all those who need You. I give You my first hours of prayer so that everything I have thought of, will be successful and with the hope that the world can improve if we follow You, have a good day Lord, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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