Morning Prayer for May 27

Heavenly Father, today you illuminate my life with this new dawn, thank you very much Lord. This great detail that you have for me is a great manifestation of love, thank you very much my God, I ask you to please help me to carry this great day with joy until the end, no matter what happens, do not extinguish the flame of my love and perseverance in you.

You Lord, king and creator of the entire universe, all your beauty renders glory to You, from the radiant sun, to the wind that gently caresses our faces. I want to take this moment to consecrate my heart to You, to start the day on the right foot, I give You my heart and I place all my trust in You, You know me well Lord and You know that I need You.

I ask You to cover all the needs that afflict me, that You may grant me the work I need so much to be able to support my family and wisdom, to be very conscious in the decisions I make when facing any challenge, without letting myself be carried away by emotions.

May this day be full of abundance and prosperity, help me to turn a deaf ear to the words that want to discourage me and keep me away from your love, I want to ignore any harm that may come from my enemies and not lose sight of your face, Lord. 

Allow me to emerge triumphant from those complicated moments, in which I feel suffocated and powerless. Calm my storm Lord, and from my heart I ask you with this prayer, that you take good care of me and bless me, because I need you, now and always.

I place in your presence the lives of the people I love, I ask you to help us find everything we need to be happy, fill us with health and much good. You who know all that we carry daily, have mercy Lord, relieve all pain and transform it into a blessing so that love and union may reign in my home. 

I continue to thank you, adored Lord, for if it were not for your love and the redemption of your Son, we would have no life in our souls. We would wander like the dying through the world, filling ourselves with things that increase our unworthiness, for without you, I would be lost. 

Come Lord, and be with me in this new adventure that is about to begin in the imposing light of the sun, drive away all my insecurities and turn them into stepping stones that will lead me to the success of my activities and the value of the efforts of my family and friends.

May every action reveal the immensity of your love and the royalty of your name my God, thank you for the joy of living, of being able to stand upright, safe and sound. Do not let me go, for I do not know how to walk without You, and grant me all that I ask of You as long as it is Your will, I ask it in the name of the beautiful Jesus, Amen.

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