Morning Prayer for May 28

Blessed and so adored Father, the light of the sun’s rays direct me to You to thank You greatly for a great opportunity to love You more. I also want to take advantage of this day to know and learn new things that will help me to be more human, more your child. Mark my steps Lord, from the first to the last that I may take in this journey that is about to begin.

Thank you, Father of goodness, for the beautiful day you have painted for me, it will be the reason to get me out of bed to face life with much optimism and hope that great things will come along the way. I ask you to walk with me Lord, so that everything thought under your will, obtains good fruits if I achieve it with much effort.

Beautiful God, thank you for the work, for the studies that feed my knowledge to be a great professional, for this new miracle that you give me. You have given me what I need to be happy and not to forget where I come from and where I have to continue walking safely. 

I ask you with all my heart, that you can help me to achieve all the things I carry in my backpack of dreams and desires, to never forget to thank you and to be grateful to all those around me and to have the ability to accept my mistakes in humility, to amend them and to be renewed once again.

You Lord, know everything about me from the tips of my hair, to my emotions and inner weaknesses. Give me the prudence and serenity to think well before acting and the tolerance to be able to share moments with all the people I will see today, help me to look with love at all my brothers and sisters and to make a little more effort to love those who hurt me.

I do not want to be dominated by sadness or discouragement at this time, life is not easy, I know my Lord, but I ask you to relieve these burdens that I carry, I want to lean on you, to continue, perhaps with the same problems, but strong because you are with me.

Help me to always be able to experience your infinite mercy and grace, I want to be like You Lord. Teach me to forgive the faults of my brothers and sisters and to try to support them in their difficulties, make me to be light like You, to also bring your mercy to others, help me to be a living reflection of truth and love, without feeling ashamed to be Christ’s.

There are so many reasons to thank and honor You my Lord, because I recognize that You are the only way of full life and salvation. You are great and you make yourself so small at times so that I can find you; thank you because you listen to my pleas, my claims and you are patient in the face of my despair. Stay with me beloved Father, for You are my guide for this journey that awaits me, under Your protection I take shelter, and in Your love I take refuge. Do not go away, let us begin this great day under your divine will and joy, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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