Morning Prayer for May 29

Lord, blessed are you for this precious dawn that you put in front of me as a great gift of welcome. Thank you beloved Father, because I was able to deposit my tiredness in your arms during the night to wake up today with renewed energy.

Thank you very much Lord, for the capacities that you grant me this morning, to make me more like You. Today I have the conviction that it will be a great day, within the challenges and dreams that I am about to accomplish, I place your presence, so that I do not lose sight of you at any moment. 

My faithful God, I ask you not to leave me under any circumstances, do not leave my side on this day. Give me the wisdom I need to make the right choices, guide me on your good path. Take care of the dearest ones in my life, make their days very profitable and beautiful for them, so that they may praise you through their actions as well.

Allow me to discern with great intelligence, every situation that comes my way today, whether it is good to value it or bad to see the positive side and not to be discouraged. Give me the patience to be able to understand your purposes in me.

I trust in you my Lord, in your mercy and in your grace. Let your love order all my ideas, clarify all my doubts and quench the thirst of my heart. I entrust myself to You, that all may go well with me and that all my actions may reflect You, so that I may be light and salt in the world that seeks You.

Help me to be able to seize my day with great righteousness and to enjoy all your blessings. Motivate me so that I may draw ever closer to my neighbor without prejudice or fear, and that he may recognize me as a good child of yours. Let my daily burdens become lighter. 

Come to put calm into my being and be the light that purifies day after day my impure heart. May all your grace envelop me to free me from sorrows and to walk with the smile of hope on my face. Because You, my God, are the rock where I want to take refuge, help me to increase and spread my faith to all those around me so that they may have the desire to know You.

I give you all that I have and am, so that it becomes an offering on your divine altar, I also give you the lives of the people I love the most, so that they can maintain their spirits throughout their journey and seek you constantly.

Thank you once again, because I already feel more prepared, to put my foot forward this day and walk without fear, on the road to holiness. I know you hear me, O heavenly Father, help me to be a better person, a better child, a better husband or wife, a better brother or sister, I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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