Morning Prayer for May 30

Heavenly Lord, King of my life, good morning. Today I wake up hopeful that this day, everything will be done in your name. I thank you, because I feel very dear to you, since I opened my eyes, I could contemplate your wonders in the firmament as a whole show, thank you for this possibility of being able to continue to improve in your mercy and under your precepts.

Allow me to discern all that I carry with me: my desires, my dreams, joys and regrets; so that your blessed wisdom may guide me along the path that you have marked out. I ask you not to leave me alone with these challenges that are about to begin.

I would also like to ask You for all my family, so that You may fill them with much well-being, and that You may give them radiant sunshine in all their activities and moments that they have to live. May their day be very profitable and may they be able to do all things with confidence in You.

My good God, by your mercy I trust in You, I want to remain in love so that all things may turn out in a better way. Order my life, my God, and help me to be a walking testimony for whoever it is my turn to fill my heart, that everything may always be done in your will. 

Today, I place very close to You, the projects and promises that I made today to continue this great change between thorns and roses. I ask You for much firmness in the face of doubts and also patience, to be able to understand what You really want for me.

In a special way today I ask You, for my country, for its people, its communities, for the welfare of each citizen, so that they may value their environment and identify themselves as children of God in the context and culture that they have through the creation of the Father, so that beyond the different ways of thinking, we may be more human and more united. For the governors of our country, so that they may be firm in the face of corruption and remember that You taught them to act with transparency and out of love for the people.

I give You glorious Lord, all the activities that I am going to undertake, along with my worries that oppress my heart, so that they may be relieved by You, by Your infinite mercy, and never forget to look for You even more in those moments.

If what I have planned does not go as I expected, help me to be patient to pause, to be able to breathe and then understand that everything that happens and what does not, is for a reason; that You do not make mistakes with what You promise, nor leave things up in the air. 

I hope to please You with all my actions Lord, because knowing that I have drawn a smile on Your face, I could walk with tranquility in my mind, without anguish and very calm. Do not leave me alone, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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