Morning Prayer for May 31

Glorious Lord, once again I rise to raise my eyes to heaven and express to you with my lips all my gratitude. Today you bless me with a new day and it is a real proof of your greatness. Thank you blessed Father, for forging my paths in your sacred hands, for only you are holy, worthy and the focal point of my life, my King of love, allow me to fill this day with great opportunities.

This day will be more than special, because I want to start it with you. A great day, of many challenges and adversities, but also, loaded with your grace and mercy. Because starting the morning by your hand, everything is turned into blessings, thank you for caring and being attentive to cover all my needs.

You alone know what really happens every day, fill my home with the light of your goodness, go through every space and corner of my loved ones and lead us to your presence always so that we do not stray.

There is nothing more satisfying upon awakening than to know you are loved. Thank you for not leaving me alone, for looking at me beyond my sin, for trusting me once again. This day I ask you, fill me with color all the panorama that comes my way, to color my soul with your extensive love. 

I ask you to please eliminate all negative thoughts that want to darken this bright morning, I want to be light for the people who cross my path, whether at work, in the streets, in my home or in my study center, and do not let them hurt me, Lord.

Help me to live this day with all the enthusiasm, as if it were the last day of my life, I want to do everything with absolute love; from the simplest to the most complicated. For there is nothing more important for your kingdom, than the dose of love that is put into everything we do.

Remove from my life all fear and pessimism that keeps me from taking steps in your path. Teach me to be strong and firm to my principles. I want to live according to your will, with trust in You, blessed Father, there is no greater and more merciful leader than You my Lord.

Thank you for motivating me to go forward, without bowing my head, proud to be your son. You push me to continue, despite the difficulties, I have learned to love You when things go well for me, and when things do not go as I expected. Thank you for this opportunity to live in your presence, O Lord, and for blessing the lives of my own.

Stay with me throughout the day Love of loves, give me the understanding to be able to see your face in adversity and proclaim your holy Name. Stay today Lord, stay the rest of my life, I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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