Morning Prayer for June 1

Beautiful Lord, this new day I want to give you my whole life, without filters or appearances. You know very well what strengthens and weakens me, yet you continue to look at me with love. Take my offering and take it with you, do whatever you wish to be a better person. 

Thank you for caressing my heart with this beautiful dawn, I want to complement it with my prayer of love and gratitude. I feel the joy of being able to undertake a new journey to your Altar, Lord. Thank you for this new opportunity to rejoice in your presence and to learn a little more of your love.

I thank you my Lord, because my family is well, because you took care of us as your little children during the night and you did not let evil disturb our dreams. 

Thank you for the blessing of being alive, because each of the things you give me, you do it with much love and for your infinite mercy, poured over me and my family; because I have a home where I can take refuge, because today I have the food I need to replenish my energy and above all to share it with them. 

Be with me wherever I go, whether to my work, my home or any other destination, accompany me well and return me safely home. Guard my life from any temptation or accident that would harm my integrity.

Today, I want to tell you that I love you Lord, because you look at me, regardless of my past, because you loved me first. Help me to be able to walk day by day with the joy of taking your Word to every corner, that it may be alive and not ephemeral in my life. Cover with love all the people I will see today, relieve their afflictions and fill them with energy so that they may begin this great day with great conviction.

I also ask you to renew my faith and hope, sometimes bad experiences harden my heart and want to convince me that the world will not change and keep me on the defensive. Help me to be able to increase my confidence and if, for some reason, disappointment comes into my life again, do not allow me to sink into resentment. 

You have precepts of abundance and holiness my God, today I place my family within them as well, so that they may strengthen their faith in You and continue in the search to be better and better children, parents, spouses or siblings.

I am certain that this prayer will fill your heart with joy and will impel me to continue fighting for my happiness, under the strength of your grace. Thank you for every moment lived and for what I have yet to live, take my hand and let us begin together this new miracle of radiant sunshine, in the company of Jesus, our Lord, Amen.

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