Morning Prayer for  January 6

Dear Lord, the sun approaches my window, announcing that a new day has arrived. I open my eyes with great enthusiasm and my lips only want to thank you for your infinite mercy and your extensive kindness. Thank you, because, since the beginning of the day, I have felt your love and your peace. I start this day with great humility and with a great desire that my actions may please you.

My Lord, your works are beautiful, and the blessings you have bestowed upon me are wonderful. This morning I want to ask you to grant me the good sense and prudence to be able to take advantage of this beautiful gift that you gave me. Today I want to ask for your protection because I know that the day will have complicated moments and difficult situations to handle, but I am certain that if you are by my side, everything will be fine.

Help me to live my day in the best possible way, blessed Father, so that my joy can be spread to the people who need it, that I can give service to those who need my help, and that my words can serve as an encouragement to those who start the day with hopelessness. Today I want to be the messenger of your love, wonderful Lord, so that people can see the reflection of your goodness and that this motivates them to seek you incessantly.

Guide me along the path of truth, along the path of good, and direct my steps with confidence so that I do not fall into temptations or the evil that is in the world. Help me, Lord, to be part of the work you are doing. I want to please you and that you can rejoice in me as I rejoice in you.

Thank you again, God, for my life, because I have a roof under which I can take refuge, where I can return after my journey, where I can meet the people I love. Thank you because you give me the necessary food to replenish my energy and my strength. Thank you because you did not abandon me at any time. Thank you for the shelter that you provide me with to wear and because you never stop providing for my needs and those of my family.

God of my heart, happiness overwhelms me knowing that I have you in my favor. Pour your blessings on my life. Give me the health I need to carry out my daily activities. Give me the prudence to respect the rest of my brothers and sisters and get a little closer to You with each sunrise.

This day, Lord, I want to offer you all my plans, all my projects, and everything I have in mind to carry out; I want to ask you to take into account what I reveal to you and to grant it to me according to your will. Give me success in my work, triumphs, and satisfactions on this day, Holy Father.

Give me strength and courage to face every moment and every situation that turns adverse. Give me a lot of patience and calmness to analyze situations and be able to give them the best solution. Give me the opportunity to be tolerant of my neighbor. Help me understand that not agreeing with something does not mean that there is a conflict. Cover me with your love and goodness, beautiful Father.

Dear God, listen to the prayers and supplications that are born from the bottom of my heart. This morning I want to be under your protection and under your supervision. Holy Father, do not turn away from me on this day that I am about to begin. All this I ask in the powerful name of your Son Jesus, Amen.

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