Morning Prayer for June 4

Beautiful God of my life, I open my eyes and I perceive the first miracle: my life in your presence. Nothing can compare, no matter how much wealth there is in this world, with the breath of life that you give us. This precious gift becomes great opportunities to make things better and better, to heal, to amend and to love as You love my God.

Thank you Lord, for this beautiful morning, because your love makes it more bearable. I have felt listened to my request for a new dawn, above all thank you for not leaving me alone, for watching over my dreams and taking care of me from all danger or evil.

Today I ask you for my family, so that you continue to protect their lives and their ideals. You know what they keep in their hearts and minds, do not forsake them; heal the ailments they may carry in their hearts, lighten their burdens and fill them with hope.

I take advantage of this morning to raise my praise and all my affection towards You. Because all your majestic presence deserves it, my heart honors you, beloved God. And with these blessings made prayer, I ask that you may receive them, it is all I have beyond my sin, it is my offering of love and gratitude.

I wish that all my actions please you today, I ask you to give me the necessary strength so that the pain does not outweigh your grace and the courage to face all the problems that may arise.

Lord in heaven, this morning I have a list of goals and many plans to accomplish. But first, I want You to be in front of them so that I can achieve them under Your will. Grant me the grace that no opportunity may slip through my fingers.

May my heart never forget where I come from and where I have to go, and may my ego not rise so high as to think that I do not need You to achieve everything.

In a special way, this morning I pray for those who do not have jobs or studies due to economic problems; so that they do not lose faith in your promises; much less the hope that all human beings in this world were created with many opportunities, that the best things in life always come to everyone without exception. 

Be with me my Lord, the day has just begun and I have the courage to venture my life in your precepts. Guide and be the sun of my steps so that I do not stray nor let me stagger, if things do not go as I expect. May your grace be sufficient for me to have the certainty that today will be a great day, I ask you in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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