Morning Prayer for June 6

My beautiful God, one more day at your side! How beautiful to know that I have the joy of being able to wake up and be directly in your presence through a simple prayer. My eyes open wide to contemplate all that you give me; my heart has a great impulse to proclaim your name with my praises. 

I want to start this day with great joy, because I want to praise and exalt you for everything you do good, my Lord, everything you do good for my life and for yours. I wish this morning to begin with a very solid fraternal relationship between the two of us, I ask You to take my whole life and to use me as an instrument of Yours, so that I do not lose my gaze on You.

I beg You not to leave my side and that all the opportunities that I have be favorable to me, so that I can achieve much success, some economic support to support my family; for my studies, so that I do not lose focus of my obligations. 

Today I give You my family, I ask You for their lives, for all their chores and their decisions so that You may be the one to give them all these opportunities. Take care of them with great attention and protect them from all evil, so that they may always take refuge in You and achieve all their projects, keeping You as the first place above all things.

From the bottom of my heart I beseech Thee, may Thou remove every bad feeling or thought that would cause me to turn away from Thee. May my heart be ever more humble and have the will to persevere in prayer and service, tools that you left us to strengthen the fraternal connection that we have.

In the same way I ask you to please increase my faith when the storm disturbs my existence, do not allow me to take control of my sadness or my weakness of the moment. May my eyes not be blinded to your salvation, no matter how complicated the circumstances become.

Continue to pour out all your blessings on my life, my home and on all the people who need You, be the light of salvation so that I do not fall into the temptation of the enemy and emerge victorious by your grace.

I do not want to tire of adoring you, of proclaiming your glory and praise; because you place your hope in each one of your children regardless of their faults. Help me to find my place with you. That no matter how tired I feel from the daily routine, I may not cease to seek You.

Merciful Father, thank You for listening carefully to all that I tell You, if You will it, give me the opportunity to continue to share with those I love the most. May your love turn me into a son obedient to the commandments that you cultivate, accompany me in this adventure called life, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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