Morning Prayer for June 7

God of infinite mercy and goodness, thank you for accompanying me one more day. I feel grateful because you heard my prayers and requests for one more day of life by your side, to enjoy the air I breathe and confirm your presence in this world. 

Today I want to wake up with a more grounded confidence in your promises my Lord, I want to have the conviction that this day will be full of blessings, in which your name will be latent in each one of them. My heart is excited for all that awaits me. 

Good Father, this morning I want my eyes to contemplate You, my lips to pronounce Your name and my heart to continue beating with love for You; for this beautiful day that You have given me. I ask that you please do not turn away from me, that this path that you have traced, may it be for both of us to walk, merciful God. 

I have the hope that this prayer is heard and that all that I share with you will be given in your time, that is why I ask for much patience, so that the restlessness that I feel of wanting things fast sometimes, does not invade me or make me despair.

Give me the ability to understand your plans my God, to be part of them with obedience and gratitude. Help me to accept all that you want as your will for me and to have the ability to fight with impetus for all my ideals, without fear of all that is against me. 

I can achieve everything if You are in my favor, my Lord, do not go away this day. Direct all the decisions I have to make and with enthusiasm, fill my heart with joy to witness your living presence. 

This morning I would also like to ask you to bless my family. May this day be very profitable for them, if they have any affliction, go to their favors and repair all that they need so that they may not be afraid to follow you, nor to proclaim the greatness of your name.

Fill our home with love so that you may be the one who stands out in the midst of the problems we may go through. May union be the one who sustains us and forgiveness the one who embraces us at all times. Help us to act wisely and with great humility in the face of service, so that we may be more and more in your image and likeness.

Give me the opportunity to be prudent and to learn with humility all that you are going to show me today. If anything should arise to harm me along the way, protect me with the wall of your love, my Lord. Teach me to love you more each day, I ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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