Morning Prayer for June 8

My Lord, today I was able to wake up with my body healthy and with my mind ready to think of You for everything I have to do. I want to start this new opportunity that you give me, with much obedience to your precepts.

There is nothing better in this world than to start the day praising your Holy name, my precious God, because you love me in spite of the swaying of my thoughts, of my decisions; because in spite of the strong storms, You still stand by my side, trusting me as no one else does. 

I put in place all that I have to do for this day. My plans, my studies and my work, all my activities I lay at Your feet because everything looks better when You are near. Everything takes on a vivid color in your presence and I want to stay there until the last breath of my life, O wonderful God.

It fills me with satisfaction to know that you call me as your son, that you do not look at the innermost darkness of my being and that in spite of this, you do everything possible to make hope shine in me, to strengthen my self-confidence and to be sure that I can do everything that destiny proposes to me, if I do not let go of your hand from beginning to end.

Thank you for this detail of infinite love, manifested in the face of my parents, in the embrace of those I love the most, in the singing of birds and the wonderful palette of colors that you put the sky for my eyes.

Give me the optimism and kindness that identify your sacred heart, fill me with understanding and peace to be the sun of souls without rest, to bring them to You and never let them leave again. 

Engrave your living and latent image in this heart that asks you with much need beloved God. Close my ears and my eyes from all evil, from all slander and lies; may my lips be sealed before I say any hurtful or selfish word to any brother. 

God of goodness, open my being to all that is truly good, may my spirit be completely filled with love and blessings. If for any reason my plans do not work out favorably for me, I ask you to please help me to remain calm and not give up the struggle to reach freedom in your holiness.

Thank you for the food that you place on my table today for me and my family, I ask you to nourish my soul with your love so that we may remain united in communion until the end of time. Accompany me with your grace my beloved King, I desire that all my actions please you and give honor to your divinity, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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